Equity, Inclusion, & Culture

The mission of Renewed Harmony is to build more just and equitable schools by cultivating authentic leaders, strengthening adult social and emotional learning, and nurturing culturally responsive practices. Renewed Harmony, offers powerful, engaging, and results-driven personal and professional learning experiences for educators.

If you connect to my trusted colleague, Mona Elleithee at Renewed Harmony, I know you'll find her work in support of authentic leadership a valuable resource to build relationships of trust and equity in your educational organization. 

Click the Full Details button to view Mona's bio, an overview of Renewed Harmony (and logo list of some of her clients), and direct links to Renewed Harmony's website, learning platform, contact page, and newsletter. This "mini signup" format allows me to learn how many guests and community members have an interest in diversity, inclusion, and culture. 

Why I started Trusted Colleagues ...

I want to live in a world where we freely share trusted resources we believe will help our family, friends, clients, neighbors, and communities. If you view a listing for a "trusted colleague," I believe this person will honor your need and offer a valuable service with integrity. These are not "affiliate" links. There's no financial incentive for sharing colleague's info with you. And you choose what you share as you reach out; your privacy is protected on our site.

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