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About Dr. Kathryn Bingham

Want to see my background, credentials, and a few choice personal tidbits?

How We Work

Lead UP! Know UP, Grow UP, and Show UP(TM)

Leadership Essentials in Life and Work:

Leadership Essentials in Life and Work: How to overcome three barriers to executing flawlessly and leading with purpose.

How we prioritize and make choices about spending time, how we live according to our beliefs and values, our habits, and our accountability all contribute to reaching important goals in life and work. If you're ready to Know UP, Grow UP, and Show UP, this is a great foundation for success. 

LEADistics Curated Reading and Resources List

Our list of books and resources covers a multitude of leadership topics, including:

  • Leadership and Women's Leadership
  • Leadership Growth and Adult Development
  • Organizational and Personal Change
  • Communication and Critical Thinking
  • Presencing and Theory U

and much more.

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