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Life Reinvention Summit

Life Reinvention Summit

It's time to prioritize you. Our dreams and big goals sometimes get buried and forgotten when we get mired in the everyday. Give yourself the gift of reinvention.

The Life Reinvention Summit will feature video interviews with speakers committed to empowering women. Each session, shared in 20-30 minutes, addresses issues across the dimensions of life and work.

The line up of topics activate mental mindset, physical wellness and self-care, and practical actions to move our big goals to the forefront of daily experience.

To get your free entry to the Life Reinvention Summit, taking place March 20-21, click the button below. We'll send you updates on each speaker. Early registrants will get access to a bonus offer.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Wow! Have your life, work, and family routines imploded in our new environment of social distancing? Even in uncertain times, we can find inspiration for life and work, we can create opportunities for calm and reflection, and we can generate momentum for big change that fills our heart.

We have adapted our planning for the summit.

Originally, we planned a scheduled release of ten videos throughout the two days and to make these available for free for 24-48 hours. However …

Because many parents are now working remotely and having to care for children during school closures from COVID-19, we are handling the release somewhat differently. All videos for a given day’s line up will be loaded early that day. All videos will remain up through March 31st, and we will reevaluate the timeline again.

Almost all the videos will be delivered in 20-30 minutes (one goes to 38 minutes), so these will fit into chunks of time you have available. Each video will be loaded to the speaker’s profile page for viewing.  

As a newly added bonus, for all summit participants, Dr. Kathryn Bingham will be sharing a series of short Facebook Live events where you can, literally, "ask me anything. I’m an executive coach, leadership development and business process expert, and certified woman and veteran-owned small business. I’ve been a working mom who completed four degrees while working full time. I volunteer in my community and local schools. I’m a FEMA trained Community Emergency Response Team volunteer. I’m an avid gardener, foodie, lover of all things chili, and we brew our own beer, mead, cider, and even sparkling wine. We’ll be serious and silly, and talk about whatever is on your mind." Join the summit. We're here for you.

13 Modules

The Big Why

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Chelle Shapiro - The Power of Online Presence, Productivity, & Burnout Prevention

Kay Hunter - Creating Your Strategic Presence

Lisa Burbage - Don't Be Perfect, Just Be Better

Haley Evans - Disconnect from the Device Driven Life

LJ Finney - Strategic Networking

Stephanie Dodd, M.S.- One-Minute Meditation Method

Heidi Symonds - We’ve Been Doing it all Wrong: Nourishment & Marketing from the Inside Out

Dr. Kathryn Bingham & Stephanie Gray - Integrating Big Change: The Grad School Journey

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