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Elevate Your Leadership in Life and Work

Are you seeking something more, something different, or change that sticks? LEADistics can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Successful transitions | Meaningful work | Brilliant results | Career acceleration | Respect.

If you're a leader facing or seeking change, Dr. Kathryn Bingham will help you transform your dreams and intentions into reality. Clearly define desired outcomes. Find focus. Execute. Oh, and you can be productive without sacrificing serenity. 

The LEADistics Portal member space offers resources to support executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and their teams elevate leadership in life and work. Are you ready?

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A space where what you imagine for yourself, your leadership, and your business transforms possibility into reality. Our portal offers a private coaching and learning space for clients and subscribers of LEADistics LLC. If you harbor hopes of

  • elevating your leadership within your organization,
  • transitioning to a new or different role,
  • increasing your effectiveness and influence as a leader, or
  • choosing meaningful pursuits, you’ve found a home here.

We’ve made this section of the portal complimentary for all LEADistics subscribers. The portal provides members with several benefits, including our curated list of leadership reading and resources. 

Life Reinvention Summit

It's time to prioritize you.

Our dreams and big goals sometimes get buried and forgotten when we get mired in the everyday. Give yourself the gift of reinvention.

The Life Reinvention Summit features video interviews with women committed to empowering women. Each session, shared in 20-30 minutes, addresses timeless issues across the dimensions of life and work.

The line up of topics activate mental mindset, physical wellness and self-care, and practical actions to move our big goals to the forefront of daily experience.

Recorded in March 2020, summit videos reflect operational resilience in a world changed by COVID 19. To get your free entry to the Life Reinvention Summit, click the button below.

Leadership Essentials in Life and Work

If we want to succeed at big change, sometimes we need to pause and take stock.

Leadership Essentials in Life and Work: How to overcome three barriers to executing flawlessly and leading with purpose will help you do just that.

How we prioritize and make choices about spending time, how we live according to our beliefs and values, our habits, and our accountability all contribute to reaching important goals in life and work. If you're ready to Know UP, Grow UP, and Show UP, this is a great foundation for success.

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