Life Reinvention Summit

It's time to prioritize you. Our dreams and big goals sometimes get buried and forgotten when we get mired in the everyday. Give yourself the gift of reinvention.

The Life Reinvention Summit features video interviews with speakers committed to empowering women. Each session, shared in 20-30 minutes, addresses issues across the dimensions of life and work. You can fit these here and there into your schedule, and focus on the topics you need most.

Recorded March of 2020, the line up of topics activate mental mindset, physical wellness and self-care, and practical actions to move our big goals to the forefront of daily experience. Each of our participating experts supported keeping the cost to this event low, to allow women in any circumstance access.

Even in uncertain times, we can find inspiration for life and work, we can create opportunities for calm and reflection, and we can generate momentum for big change that fills our heart.

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13 Modules

Chelle Shapiro - The Power of Online Presence, Productivity, & Burnout Prevention

Heidi Symonds - We’ve Been Doing it all Wrong: Nourishment & Marketing from the Inside Out

Dr. Kathryn Bingham & Stephanie Gray - Integrating Big Change: The Grad School Journey

Modules for this product 13
Let Reinvention Begin

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