Leadership Essentials in Life and Work

Leadership is not just about holding a position of authority. Our leadership is how we live, the choices we make, and the intentions we set in life and work. This is especially important when we are facing or seeking change in our personal or professional lives.

If we want to succeed at big change, sometimes we need to pause and take stock.

Leadership Essentials in Life and Work: How to overcome three barriers to executing flawlessly and leading with purpose will help you do just that.

How we prioritize and make choices about spending time, how we live according to our beliefs and values, our habits, and our accountability all contribute to reaching important goals in life and work.

The Leadership Essentials course provides participants with a multitude of thoughtful readings, easy to complete exercises, reflection prompts, and actions leading towards successful prioritization, change, and goal achievement.

Each module has an introductory video to set you up for the material in the section. All activities have an estimated time, so you can easily fit your learning and development into your day. Are you ready to Know UP, Grow UP, and Show UP with your leadership front and center? Then click the button below.

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